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Can we help a Survivor Find a home?

This Surviver of domestic violence has been working hard with Partner Agency Helpmate to obtain housing for herself and her son. After being in a very abusive relationship for five years, she found the strength to leave. However, when she applied for housing with the Housing Authority of Asheville, she found she had an old debt in her name of $614.26 that must be paid before she can be housed.

This Mom is doing all she can under circumstances no one should ever have to face. Can we help her out today?

(Fundraising for this need will continue through 9/26/2021)



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Cup of Coffee Campaign

How it works.

Can you give $4 per month, about what you’d spend for a cup of coffee, to be a Superhero in our community?

In one of our latest cases, Superheroes in our community prevented homelessness for a family of four, $350 is all it took to keep this family in their home.

By making a small recurring donation YOU can be a Superhero in our community and enable us to respond quickly to help our neighbors in crisis.

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