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Let's help a neighbor stay on the path to recovery!

This gentleman is in need of our help as he starts a new life. In a short period of time, he lost two family members to illness and closely thereafter lost his significant other to suicide. The intense grief in such a short period of time led to a relapse in his addiction.

He quickly recognized the problem, sought treatment, and is now back to work. Having a safe place to go that supports his sobriety is key at this point in his recovery. He can secure a pace in a safe halfway house but has not yet been employed long enough to earn the first month’s rent.

Can we help this man our with $540 to keep him on the path he has worked so hard to be on? He is doing all the right things – let’s work together to help him out!

(Fundraising for this need will continue through 10/2/2022)



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Cup of Coffee Campaign

How it works.

Can you give $4 per month, about what you’d spend for a cup of coffee, to be a Superhero in our community?

In one of our latest cases, Superheroes in our community prevented homelessness for a family of four, $350 is all it took to keep this family in their home.

By making a small recurring donation YOU can be a Superhero in our community and enable us to respond quickly to help our neighbors in crisis.

Please consider making a recurring donation and please tell your friends about this campaign.