WNC Superheroes is helping Western North Carolina tackle its emergencies.

Every day someone in the WNC community needs our help. Become a Hero to a neighbor in need by donating to one of our Open Cases!

What We Do.

We fund one-time, urgent needs for people in crisis. While western NC has many organizations that seek long- term solutions to homelessness, domestic and sexual violence, and financial security, those organizations always have clients with urgent needs that traditional funding sources do not meet. These kind of one-time needs can throw a family into long-term financial turmoil. WNC Superheroes seeks to end that cycle by addressing the immediate need.

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How You Can Help.

When one of our Partner Agencies has a client on the road to success and that client’s path is blocked by a one-time emergency, they call us. You can help people in our community stay on the road to success by generously donating to an Open Case.

People We've Helped.

Community Case Manager, Partner Agency

I hope you understand the tremendous impact you are having on the lives of Our Survivors, these women and children you have been assisting. Many of our Survivors are experiencing homelessness and poverty and the kindness of WNC Superheroes helps these families get off the streets, exit shelters, and feed their families. Thank you for being willing to help. I am so grateful for your kindness and generosity for ALWAYS stepping up to help Our Survivors.”

Helpmate Executive Director April Burgess-Johnson

There’s a lot of resources in Buncombe County and WNC for traditional services. But there are also a lot of needs that survivors have that fall through the cracks. Just recently we had a survivor who was able to stay in her house with her children, but she needs a furnace repair that is fairly costly. Sometimes there are emergency needs that families can take in stride, when you are going through the disruption and trauma that domestic violence can cause, it’s hard for survivors to adapt and meet these emergency financial needs.”


One of the toughest parts of being a single mom of four is surviving financially. Everyday comes with it’s challenges but to be without transportation too, constantly wondering what to do for a ride when appointments arise for your kid or how to go get food is a unsettling lifestyle to say the least. Words cannot express how thankful I am to have received this amazing blessing. It has been a privilege working with you and our family is deeply grateful for the kindness and compassion you have extended during this difficult time. Thank You for being SUPER.”

Case Manager, Partner Agency

“I cannot thank you and WNC Superheroes enough for the incredible work that you all are doing. The quick turn around with yesterday’s request truly amazes me. I followed up with our client afterwards and she was over the moon about your [help]. Thank you again for your creativity around meeting this need. It was a very big deal for her and now she has been able to start her new job today strong and looking professional. She’s come a long way since we began working together, thank you.

Your Support is Critical.

We know there are Superheroes in our community. When you donate to a Case at WNC Superheroes, you are making a gift that will directly help a neighbor. Want to do even more?

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Our Partners

WNC Superheroes works with established non-profit partners to identify the people we serve. When one of our community partners has a client with a need they cannot address through traditional funding sources, they turn to WNC Superheroes. We then turn to you, our network of heroes, to raise the funds necessary to keep a one-time need from becoming a years-long struggle.

We are so grateful to work with these fantastic community partners! Click on one of their logos to see their incredible work.